Frequently asked questions

  • What is the unit structure for Diploma in Digital Marketing?
    • Marketing & Consumer Behaviour (Double module)
    • Digital Marketing Essentials
    • Digital Marketing Planning
  • Who are the digital qualifications for?

    The digital qualifications are designed for those wanting to work in marketing or marketing professionals who want specialist knowledge and to understand digital marketing and how it relates to the marketing industry, turning that knowledge into successful marketing strategies. No matter what your role is in your company you will benefit from gaining insight into today’s digital arena.


  • I have completed the CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications within the last 3 years, do I only need to take the digital units to receive the digital qualifications?

    Yes, all graduates of the CAM Diploma in Marketing Communication need only take the digital units to complete their qualification.

  • I have the CIM Professional Diploma / Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, am I exempt from any units of the Digital Diplomas?

    Yes, as a CIM graduate of the Professional Diploma or Professional Postgraduate Diploma you are exempt from the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Unit of the Diploma in Digital Marketing. For more information on exemption and occurred fees, please visit our Exemptions page.

  • Does each of the CAM Digital units give me an award?

    Yes, by completing each of the CAM Digital modules you receive an Award in that subject. So the Digital Marketing Essentials will give you Digital Marketing Essentials Award upon successfully completing. Please note; unit certificates are individually generated and a fee of £25 is applicable to cover the required time and resource.

  • Where can I study for the CAM qualification and awards?

    The CAM qualifications are delivered by our network of CIM Accredited Study Centres.  Please note that our study centres offer a variety of study methods including face to face, distance/ online and blended learning which is a combination of face to face and online. You can contact the study centres directly for more information on when their courses are starting. 

  • I am already studying for a CAM/CIM qualification or hold a current membership with CIM; do I need to pay extra membership fees for the CAM qualifications?

    No, if you have current membership you only need to pay for your assessment fees.

  • What is the assessment methodology for the qualifications?

    All units are assessed by assignment except for Advertising, Public Relations and Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion, on the CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications, which are assessed by exam.

  • I’ve heard the qualification ends in June 2018 - How do I finish my CAM qualification?

    If you’re currently studying, discuss your options with your tutor as they are already aware of the situation and will be best placed to help you.

    If your studying has lapsed but you wish to complete your outstanding modules, visit or for details of accredited study centres who are delivering the CAM modules. They’ll be able to help you develop a plan to complete your studies before June 2018.