Mobile Marketing in Practice 

Mobile is the most widely used media channel globally, with over one billion mobile devices sold each year. The medium is referred to as ‘always on and always connected’ and provides new ways for organisations and brands to connect with customers across all sectors. 

This unit award provides an introduction to good practice in mobile marketing and explores how it fits within the communications mix. It also looks at ways in which the channel can be maximised and how success in mobile marketing can be measured.

This practical award includes how to develop a mobile application.


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Learning Outcomes

• Define the concept of mobile marketing and describe its evolution with respect to hardware, software, service provision, supply and as a medium for advertising and communication.
• Assess the range of opportunities that a mobile environment provides for marketers.
• Assess the reason why mobile devices are used and the resulting impact on marketing communications decisions.
• Plan and evaluate mobile marketing activities.
• Design and develop a marketing concept using a mobile application.
• Describe future developments in mobile marketing.

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Specialist digital units

The Mobile Marketing in Practice unit award is available to be studied standalone as a specialist award. If you would prefer to study this specialist unit as part of your Diploma in Digital Marketing in place of the Digital Marketing Planning unit, this is possible. If you choose this route your diploma name would reflect this specialism i.e. Diploma in Digital Marketing (Mobile Marketing in Practice)