Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring 

This award will explore basic research principles and then examine two themes: web analytics and social media monitoring. Web analytics reviews the effectiveness of company communications and customer interactions on a range of digital marketing platforms including website, social media presence and mobile marketing. Social media monitoring involves using tools to listen to conversations about a brand across digital platforms and taking appropriate action. 

The unit focuses on developing an understanding of KPIs, selecting measurement tools, analysing reports to improve performance and creating tests to improve owned and bought media messages.

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Learning Outcomes

• Assess a range of digital marketing research methodologies and techniques and their suitability for improving marketing performance against objectives.
• Identify appropriate KPIs, reports and tools to review and improve digital marketing effectiveness in large, medium and small sized enterprises.
• Evaluate and improve results from investments in digital marketing using web analytics and social media monitoring techniques.

Specialist digital units

The Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring unit is available to be studied standalone as a specialist award. If you would prefer to study this specialist unit as part of your Diploma in Digital Marketing in place of the Digital Marketing Planning unit, this is possible. If you choose this route your diploma name would reflect this specialism i.e. Diploma in Digital Marketing (Metrics and Analytics)