Digital marketing courses and diplomas from the CAM Foundation


If you are looking to specialise in digital marketing and want to achieve a specialised qualification, our digital marketing courses, which are awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, offer an ideal opportunity to increase your skills.

The CAM Digital Marketing Diploma is designed for those individuals who want a better understanding of social media, web analytics and search engine optimisation and combine these online marketing skills with how to create effective internet marketing plans.

Why qualify in a digital marketing course with CAM?

Our CAM Marketing Communications Diploma is for anyone who wants to get a qualification which incorporates training on Advertising, PR, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing and how they work together. Whether you are looking for a new marketing job or want to increase your online marketing skills in your current job, a digital marketing qualification will be a great asset for your CV. These qualifications are suitable for professionals at all levels, including those working in a marketing department or a digital agency, current or aspiring marketing managers or digital marketing specialists.